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+ & x Block Flexi Frame Pouch (3 hour Workshop)

Flexi frames are so useful – just perfect for making cases for sunglasses, mobile phones, ipods… But they can look a little daunting. In actual fact they are super easy to use in your projects.

Bring along scraps of your favourite fabrics and we’ll whip together a couple of miniature + & x blocks and turn them into a fabulous flexi frame pouch.


How to Carve Eraser Stamps (Table top session)

Projects really come alive when you add little details to them such as letters, words or little motifs. If you have ever searched high and low to find a scrap of fabric with something specific printed on it then this session is for you. Instead of getting frustrated that there is no fabric with precisely the motif you are looking for why not carve your own rubber stamp and print the motif yourself. Carving erasers is much easier than it looks and you don’t need any fancy equipment to get started.

rubber stamp2