In celebration of our LouLouThi giveaway this week (it’s still open! come and enter!!), we’re excited to share Leigh Ann’s LouLouThi-themed Swatchtower (originally posted on the Spincushion blog).  Swatchtower is a series in which Leigh Ann pulls together stylish images and photographs inspired by the prints and patterns of our favorite fabric designers.  We love the runway shots that she compiled to celebrate Anna Maria Horner’s newest collection, and we hope you enjoy it too.

From Leigh Ann:

Knowing that Anna Maria Horner is a big fan of, I thought I’d give her a much-deserved runway moment of her own. Well, at least a moment for her new fabric line, Loulouthi, anyway. Imagine flash bulbs going off, insanely loud music blasting and envision yourself at a showing of the newest spring collection, a-la AMH.