I was recently contacted by Leigh Ann, who writes for the Spincushion blog, asking permission to feature one of my quilts in her Cover Quilts series. I agreed but, to be honest, wasn’t very familiar with Spincushion. So I checked it out, and I recommend you do, too — but be warned: you may get sucked in by all of the eye candy that Leigh Ann serves up on a regular basis. Not only is Spincushion beautiful to look at, but I was blown away by all of Leigh Ann’s innovative and creative series of posts — Cover Quilts, Color Cues, If a Quilt Lived Here, and Swatchtower are but a few of them. This girl’s got a great eye and a fresh perspective on fabric and design.

The content is so fantastic that I asked Leigh Ann if she’d be willing to share it with our Fat Quarterly readers, and she so graciously agreed. You’ll see many of Leigh Ann’s clever posts showing up here on the FQ blog, but if you just can’t wait, be sure to subscribe to Spincushion.  Tell her we said “hi”!

Here’s today’s Cover Quilt (originally published April 2011):

Quilt by Val Laird
Content courtesy of Leigh Ann Tennant of Spincushion