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Tacha, Katy, and I are just back from Quilt Market in Houston and have been catching up, tending to our families, and trying to take a few deep breaths and catch a few winks of sleep!  We’ll be back with a proper blog post soon all about our adventures at market, but today wanted to feature one of our favorite new lines (and one of our very favorite people), Terrain by Kate Spain for Moda.  Kate’s new line is vibrant, colorful, and makes people happy … all of which can be said about Kate as well!

We also love our new Terrain masthead, designed by Kate herself.  RSS and Google Reader readers, click on over and take a look!

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite new projects that feature Terrain and demonstrate its flexibility in working beautifully across a wide range of items — from quilts to purses to pincushions!  (Speaking of flexibility, I’ve been using Terrain to make my Farmer’s Wife blocks, and continue to be amazed at how many other fabrics and fabric lines perfectly complement and coordinate with Terrain.  It’s almost magical!)

Throughout our tour, we’ll tell you 5 things about Kate that you probably didn’t know.  And, the always awesome and generous Kate has even offered up a fun little Terrain giveaway — stick around until the end of the post for more information about that.

But first, let’s take a tour through across Kate’s terrific Terrain!

Terrain Quilt
Made by Carlene Westberg of Carlene Westberg Designs

Terrain Quilt - the whole thing
Made by Crystal Stanworth (frivolous necessity)

Kate: “On more than one occasion, I’ve mentioned that hot dogs are my guilty pleasure. If they were good for you, i’d eat one a day! Otherwise, i’d have to say cashews. Or chocolate chip cookies. Or just the chips. By the handful.”

Terrain Starflower Quilt
Made by Samelia’s Mum

Gift Card Monster hacks
Made by Monica Solorio-Snow (Happy Zombie)

Kate: “The first thing i ever sewed by hand that i can remember was a felt watermelon slice, complete with glued on pits. I was in 5th grade. The most embarrassing thing i ever sewed and wore in public was my prom dress when i was a senior in high school. It actually fit as long as i didn’t take a deep breath or try to sit down. Ok so maybe i watched a few too many John Hughes movies!”

Terrain Patchwork
Made by two.hippos

Ziggety Mug Rug in Terrain
Made by Marieke (Annuin)

Kate: “Try not to get too jealous, but in 2004, I got to meet Yuko Shimizu in person. She is the Japanese designer who created Hello Kitty! Did you know Hello Kitty is a girl, not a cat? And she is from the suburbs of London!”

Stepping Stones
Made by Emma (emma_louise)

Gathered Clutch
Made by two.hippos

Kate: “I think practicing random acts of kindness should be mandatory. If you’ve never paid the toll for the car behind you, I highly suggest trying it. Or bringing a neighbor a freshly baked goodie. Here’s a fun little anecdote on this topic. A while back, Pete and i lived in New York City.  I don’t know how we came up with this, but one day during the summer, we took all the jewelry i never wore into Central Park and hung necklaces on tree limbs within reach of passersby, and left rings on park benches and bracelets on swings. We put one small black velvet jewelry box (with earrings in it) on the low wall surrounding Bethesda Fountain, then sat nearby to watch a woman discover it. On our way back to our apartment, we noticed that two of the necklaces had disappeared! It was a fun way to let old, unwanted stuff find a new home.”

Made by Suzanne (lavender1253)

tumbling block
Made by Sadie (sleepback)

Kate: “I can speak enough French to order a ham and cheese sandwich, coffee, or metro tickets.”

Made by cindys0707

Inspired by all of these amazing Terrain creations?  Well, you can win a small stash of Terrain all for yourself!  Kate has graciously offered to send one lucky winner 5 mini charm packs of Terrain.  Simply leave a comment on this post and tell us what’s on your Christmas list this year.  (We’re hoping that Santa brings us a little bit of Good Fortune, Kate’s upcoming line for Moda!)  We’ll randomly select one winner late next week.

Good luck!