GAH! How ever many times I read and re-read a pattern, I seem to be unable to spot the glaring errors. For anyone making the union jack pillow from my London classes, there are a couple of typos in there which will be corrected by the time we go to e-print. Please leave a comment on this post if you were in my class and would like me to email you a set of the amended instructions. Or you can await your London Retreat Issue of Fat Quarterly which you will be receiving shortly ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE if you were at the retreat or will be available to buy for non-attendees.

In the meantime:

Section 2.2 of the printed instructions should read as follows:

Paper piece each of the four templates using:

• The A fabric triangles for sections 1 and 5;

• The 2” B fabric strips for section 3;

• The 2” C fabric strips for sections 2 on template A and 4 on template B; and

• The 1½” C fabric strips for sections 4 on template A, 2 on template B and sections 6 and 7 on both templates (using one strip to cover both sections 6 and 7).

And section 4 of the instructions should read as follows:

4.1 Attach the 2 ½” strips to the left and right ends of the flag, press and trim.

4.2 Sew the four 1 ½” strips

of sashing fabric into two lengths of 44” and then sew to the top and bottom of the flag. Press and trim. Do not trim the pillow top to size until it has been quilted.