Thank you for your continued patience with regards to the delay of the release of issue 6.  Unfortunately, Tacha has fallen quite ill and has been in the hospital for about a week now.  She is OK, but we are in a bit of a holding pattern until she is back on her feet.  To give a little glimpse into the inner workings here at FQHQ, Tacha plays a critical role in the final few steps in getting our issues ready for launch.

Please know that the issue has not yet been sent to any of our subscribers, nor is it available yet for individual purchase.  As always, our subscribers, contributors, and sponsors will be sent the issue first, and it will subsequently be made available for purchase.  The issue is indeed complete, and trust me when I say it looks amazing — definitely worth the wait, in my humble opinion!

As soon as we are able to start sending it out, we will post an announcement here on the blog.  We expect that to be in the next few days.  Until then, please enjoy our blog content.

Thanks again — we truly do appreciate your patience and understanding.  And, if you can, please send some virtual hugs Tacha’s way!