Today it’s Amy from Amy’s Crafty Shenanigans:
Take-away drink holder and folding card wallet
Velocity = (n.) speed; rapidity; swiftness; quickness
When I received the boyish but fun fabrics called Velocity I squealed in delight! I adore the navy, teal, grey, lime green, coral and white colour combination and each print is unique and highly usable. There are fabrics with birds and with bicycles, skyscrapers and what I call ‘speeding chevrons’, and are all very versatile and can be used as a co-ordinated group of fabulous fabrics, or individually in other projects.
I took the theme of Velocity (velo-city in my mind) and used the dictionary meaning of speed and swiftness plus the word ‘city’ as my themes. Cities are all about swiftness – everyone hustles and bustles to and fro using all types of transport. My take-away drink carrier means you can buy your drink and carry it with you across the city, swiftly! I fussy cut and appliqued one of the scooters from one of the fabrics onto the outside of my project as well as one of the cute little birds!
My idea of a take-away drink holder/transporter came from an outing I had while taking the tube. I watched a commuter who was standing struggle to hold on to the rail with one hand and hold a hot take-away coffee in a cardboard cup in her other hand. The train was constantly stopping and starting so she was somewhat unsteady despite hanging on! The coffee appeared to want to escape her hand and must have been hot through the cardboard as she kept trying to shift her fingers. It made me think about what would make her journey to work a little easier perhaps. I went home and made a coffee take-away bag [other non-catchy names: hot drink transporter, drink carrier thingymebobber and cup holder]. This simple solution would mean that you could take a hot coffee on your commute using one finger – simply hook the handle on your pinkie finger and away you go!
To make my take-away bag, I first measured a ‘regular’ coffee cup that you would get from a coffee shop (5” tall). I made the base of the bag just slightly bigger than the lid so you could still get the cup out of the carrier easily. I added some applique and a handle and created an easy way to carry your coffee while commuting – and without burning your fingers! You don’t need to hold onto a hot cardboard cup anymore!
With the handle being generous meant that a ‘large’ coffee cup also fit in. Here is a picture of the ‘regular’ cup and ‘large’.
The second item I made was a co-ordinating Folding Card Wallet [tutorial by Very Berry Handmade] so the coffee drinker could carry their beverage loyalty card and bank card in the same wallet.
An Oyster card could even slip in too so if all you needed for a tube ride to work was a coffee and your travel card – then you would be set to go!
The take-away drink holder also fits some sugar, a stir stick or spoon and even some take-away milk sachets, all tucked in the side or on the bottom.
There you have it – an easy way to keep moving quickly in the velocity, I mean city!
Measurements in inches:
Outer fabric, interfacing and fusible fleece = 14 x 7.5 each
Inside print lining fabric = 13 7/8 x 7 3/8
Gusset depth = 1 ¾
Handle x 2 pieces, interfacing x1 piece = 10.75 x 1.75 each