When we were sent some VeloCity by British designer Jessica Hogarth for P&B Textiles, we decided to share some of it with members of the London Modern Quilt Guild to see what they would come up with.  First up in this mini series is Beth who wrote:  When I get asked if I would like some free fabric to play with I rarely say no! I love a challenge and taking on this one was a pleasure. Given free rein to come up with our own designs, myself and 3 other members of the LMQG, took up the challenge to make items using fabric from the Velocity range by British designer Jessica Hogarth. The range features gentle cityscapes and a soft urban colour palate. It’s quite a childlike range with hand drawn motifs of bikes, scooters, birds and buildings. We each received a slightly different selection from the range but followed the same themes as a starting point for our designs.

These were
- Squares
- Boyish
- Spaced out colours
The additional challenge was to incorporate a motif from the fabric into the design, either bikes, scooters, birds or buildings.  I decided on a quilt as a change from the many smaller items I have been making recently and I wanted to make this a proper challenge. This meant introducing a lot of extra creams and greys to space and stretch out the velocity prints. The quilt I came up with is essentially a half log cabin with squares at the corners.

The squares are intended to reflect skyscraper windows and the varying width strips of cream and grey resemble the buildings in a city skyline. I arranged it all very randomly placing the squares and strips, as I felt, as I went.  I like quilts where I get to work like this. Its stress free and I can’t go wrong! I pieced the back using left over squares that echo the diagonals on the front and I like how it turned out. I incorporated building motifs on two of the corners. They do not stand out as much as I had planned but I like that they are there.

There was one of the prints that I could not really use in the quilt. This was the bike and scooter one. The size of the squares I was using would have meant cutting into the motifs and essentially wasting them. I think it is probably, for me, the signature print in the range so I decided to use it to make something else that would do the print justice. I decided on a children’s sketch bag.

I thought this was appropriate to the childlike sketches in the range and also because I have a little boy who is just learning to love drawing. I will have tutorial for this ‘Go-sketch’ bag on my website very soon.