We took a week off from our apron-along last week, but we’re back today for the second half of the Modern Log Cabin Quilting Block Pocket Apron-a-long with Susan Beal!  Is anyone out there sewing along with us?  We haven’t yet seen any photos of aprons-in-progress in our Fat Quarterly Flickr group or the official Modern Log Cabin Quilting Flickr group, and we’d love to show off your stuff … so if you have any photos of your aprons, please add them to the groups and we’ll share them in a future post.

Also, we’ve received lots of love for the pillowcase that Susan’s using in her tutorial.  If you’re one of the vintage pillowcase lovers, read through to the end of the post for some exciting giveaway news!

And now, for the third week in our apron-along, heeeeeeere’s Susan!

Since this pillowcase has gotten so much nostalgic love from everyone (including me!), I wanted to post a photo of the tag, hopefully making it a bit easier to track down if you’re looking for one. It’s from a Sears-Roebuck percale sheet set, and I’ve even heard from two friends, one who had matching wallpaper on her closet door, and one who had a bedside lamp in the same pattern (oh, how I would love to find that at a thrift store or a yard sale). I’m hoping to find the Sears Wishbook page with this set in its full glory and am gladly accepting leads on a year or a scanned or clipped image!

This is also a good time to mention that while sewing with well-loved 50/50 vintage sheets is a lot of fun, it’s a little different than crisp, modern quilting cottons. You’ll see that my pocket corners are a bit softer, for one thing – the fabric has lovely drape and a soft, appealing texture, but doesn’t hold a perfect 90-degree corner-angle like the Lizzy House quilting cottons I made my Modern apron pocket with, for example. I also let the fabric and cheater-print pattern “talk” to me about a few of the other little placement and detail choices that went into the apron design, so you’ll see those variations coming up.

Okay, on to the sewing! Now we’ll take the pillowcase rectangle you cut last time, and turn it into the body of your apron. Just fold and press ½” to the wrong side of the fabric on both short sides of the pre-hemmed rectangle, then fold and press again, and pin the double-fold down.

Then stitch both seams securely and press again. The apron body is all set for adding a pocket!

Now you’ll make the little block you pieced last week into a simple lined pocket and stitch it on. This is a pretty quick step. Just pin your block to the facing fabric, right sides together, and then stitch around 3 sides (leaving the top open) as shown.

Now clip the corners and turn the pocket right sides out. For the Vintage version (shown here) you’ll fold and press the raw edges of the top inside and pin them securely. (For the Modern version, you’ll pin your handmade binding tape over the raw edge without folding, then stitch it down – see the downloadable pattern for more detailed instructions.)

Topstitch that pinned edge, backstitching at the beginning and end of the seam. Then pin it to the right side of your apron body. I chose to place mine symmetrically over a big diamond in the apron body’s pattern, rather than
measuring in to place it in a certain spot. I liked how it worked with the print there. The downloadable pattern includes more precise directions for pocket placement, if you’re working with a solid or quieter print, but the beauty of a pillowcase apron is that you can really personalize it as much as you’d like to.

Stitch the pocket down, following the directions for making reinforced corners in the downloadable pattern.

Now your apron is ready for its bias-tape sash – we’ll add that next week and then you’re all set for cooking or cocktails!

Thanks again, Susan!  Please join us next week for the wrap-up of our apron-along along with some exciting news from Susan herself.

Oh, and you probably want to know more about the giveaway that I mentioned!  Like I said earlier, we’ve gotten lots of love for the vintage pillowcase that Susan’s been using throughout the apron-along.  Here’s a fun fact: a flat sheet featuring the fun print seen on the pillowcase was also used as sashing in Susan’s Vintage Linens quilt, seen in the Modern Log Cabin Quilting book.

Guess what?  It just so happens that Susan had a pair of the beloved pillowcases, and she’s willing to send her spare to a lucky FQ reader!  For your chance to win, simply leave us a comment on this post letting us know if you’re sewing along with us or not.  Here’s the kicker: if you add a photo of your apron (or apron-in-progress) from our apron-along to the Modern Log Cabin Quilting and Fat Quarterly Flickr groups, leave a link to your photo in your comment and you’ll receive 10 extra entries.  Yee-haw!  We’ll announce our winner in next week’s apron-along post.

Good luck, and happy sewing!