Turn your Pointer Sisters record up to full blast, because we’re so excited and we just can’t hide it anymore!  And since we kind of got scooped by Amazon.com anyway, we thought it was time we shared the news …


What you see above is not some example of Photoshop foolery.  That, our friends, is the very first FAT QUARTERLY BOOK!!!  Yes, it’s true — we’ve been collaborating with the amazing team at Lark Crafts to bring our creative vision to life in an entirely new medium.  And it’s already on Amazon!!

shape workshop collage

Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters was born out of our shared history as four modern quilters who came together as a team: specifically, a history of collaborating in swaps and virtual quilting bees.  For that reason, we devoted a large portion of our book to quilt blocks — a mix of block patterns and ideas both traditional and modern, classic and original, and all with our own twist.  All are perfect for those participating in quilting bees, or who love making sampler quilts, pillows, or projects featuring a single block design.  And as a nod to our continued evolution, those block patterns are complemented by a selection of larger sewn project ideas, from placemats to pillows to full-sized quilts, all mixed together with a few surprises.

book collage

So why “Shape Workshop”?  We decided to organize our block and project tutorials around basic shapes: squares, triangles, circles, diamonds, stars, and more.  Almost as soon as we began planning the book, we were amazed at the many different ways in which these basic building blocks of quilting could be interpreted and used.  We hope you will be, too.

And, having just recently reviewed the final draft of the book, we can assure you that it’s all brought together in a BEAUTIFUL package.  The exquisite photography and gorgeous style of the book have exceeded all of our wildest expectations.  We think it will be a title that you’ll look to again and again for inspiration.

Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters: 60 Blocks plus a Dozen Quilts and Projects will be released in 2012.  The entire Fat Quarterly team will be together (for the first time, EVER) at Quilt Market in Houston next month, armed with even more information about the project.  And you can be sure that we’ll be revealing more and talking about it with all of you in the months to come.

Just do us a favor, please: if we go on and on and on (and on) and you start getting sick of hearing us talk about the book, just let us know, m’kay?   : )