When Kathreen emailed us and asked us to review her new ezine aimed at children, I jumped at the chance. I had been impressed by what I had seen of the ezine around the blogosphere and was wondering how appropriate it would be for my own kiddies.

Kathreen is the face behind Whip Up and is the force behind the successful book Whip Up Mini Quilts. So when she said she had a new ezine out we knew it was likely to be good.

The Whip Up Action Pack is a theme based ezine. Everything is designed to introduce your child to one topic and through manageable activities develop your child’s understanding of that topic.

Kathreen sent me the May edition which is named, Tea & Sew. There are about 8 activities ranging from dyeing wool and stitching up a tea cosy to making tea bath salts. Each activity is well introduced and peppered with fun facts to get your child thinking.

The magazine is aimed at 7 year olds although I suspect that my 5 and 4 year old would also get a lot out of the activities even if they don’t understand all the thinking behind them. In fact I plan on getting them to try out some of the chai mixes.

If you are looking for some educational and FUN activites to do with your children then I would definitely recommend you to buy the Action Oack. It is only $5 which is a complete bargain for the amount of content and thought that goes into it.

If you want to try it out you can purchase it from here using this discount code:

Edited: The discount code has now expired. But you can still purchase the Action Pack from the Whip Up site.