We have had many fantastic contributors to Fat Quarterly but are always looking for new contributors or for more contributions from previous contributors.  What do we need from you?  We need you to be able to design your own project from scratch.  It might be a quilt, a pillow, a table runner, a bag or any other quilty item.  We need you to be able to calculate yardage requirements for the whole project and write up a pattern.  And finally we need you to be able to take good final photos of the finished project.  You also need to be able to provide in-progress shots or diagrams showing how the projects is made.

mix and match lipari cushions
The next two issues are themed “Summer” and “Christmas” and we’d love you to get your thinking caps on and come up with proposals.  If there is a new or upcoming fabric line out there that you’d love to work with, we may be able to get hold of it for you.

Issue 12 - Ruby Oakshotts
If you are interested, please email Lynne@fatquarterly.com and include a photo of at least one project you have made and designed yourself.  We can either add you to our list of contributors to approach for future projects or you could at the same time put in a proposal for one or our upcoming issues.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Winterkist Snowflake