Thanks to everyone who entered our Zen Chic giveaway.  We’re glad that we were able to introduce so many of you to Brigitte and her work.  We’ve randomly selected two winners who will each receive a Zen Chic fabric pack:

Our first winner is Tiffany, who blogs at This Crafty Fox and wrote:

My husband is German (100% born and raised) and I have a MA in German Literature so its neat to hear about someone from one of my favorite countries and their introduction to quilting.

Even if Brigitte wasn’t German, I’d still love her & her work! The colors, the style, the patterns, everything is fantastic! I’ve only been sewing for a year and I love hearing the thought processes of more seasoned quilters… seeing how they create and develop their own individual style.

My favorite pattern shown on this post is the orange tiles… that caught my eye the second I opened the blog post – its lovely and so interesting without being super complicated. Something I’d like to take a stab at one day myself …. less of the fun “moda bakeshop” type of quilts and more of the modern – individualized – minimalistic type of quilting.

Our second winner is Amy Dame from glitter, vinyl and thread, who wrote:

i wasn’t familiar with zen chic, but now i think i’m in love! orange has never been high on my favourites list, but i’m looking at it in a whole new light now. i love the cross quilt and the orange brick quilt, but the circles are definitely my favourite. everything is so gorgeous!

Congrats to you both!  Tiffany and Amy, please email us at with your mailing information and we’ll send out your fabric packets ASAP.